Bible Reading Tool

Our Goal: To reach and develop all people into fully committed followers of Jesus Christ

Our Definition:  A follower of Jesus Christ is someone who is being transformed by the love of God and learning to live like Jesus.

Developed 4 tools to help us grow as followers of Jesus and to help others do the same!

1st Tool:  Bible Reading Tool

Point to Remember:  Reading the Bible is like eating a really good meal.

There are certain steps to a meal.

First we set the table


Next we eat our food

Then we share about how good (or bad) the food is with those at the table

Finally, we respond with thanks to those who helped make the meal possible.

When we come to the Bible, we can follow the same pattern. By making our way around the dinner plate, we can remember the key steps to reading the Bible:


Set (the table): 2 minutes of prayer/silence before we begin reading.

Eat (slowly): We read the passage 2x slowly, being curious about the words and phrases used.

Share: Talk about your thoughts or questions with at least 2 other people

Respond:  Answer these 2 questions: 1. What is the Holy Spirit saying to me through this passage? 2. What am I going to do about it?

Finally we end with prayer — thanking God for meeting us during this time.