Episode #14 - Shots & Snacks: Finding Joy No Matter What

Jun 26, 2020 | by Cool Spring Baptist Church

Greg English with Dr. Brad Hoffmann and Bryan Dupuis.

This week we welcome, Jill Baughan, a longtime friend and coworker to the podcast today.  Jill is an author and speaker who, through adventure and play, helps people find joy, no matter what else is happening in life. She is the author of two books, A Hope Deferred: A Couple’s Guide to Coping with Infertility and Born to be Wild: Rediscover the Freedom of Fun.  Jill spent many years as an English instructor at Virginia Commonwealth University.  She and her husband, Ben, live near Richmond, Virginia. She is also the host of her own podcast, Finding Joy...No Matter What. 

Go to www.jillbaughan.com to check out her latest podcast, resources, or speaking engagements!

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