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Jesus Follower | Jē-zəs ˈFä-lə-wər | verb

A Jesus follower loves God and loves others, by abiding in Christ, and through the Holy Spirit, imitates His life and His mission.

Jesus Follower was only the beginning...

We are thankful for what God has been doing through our Jesus Follower focus. We are seeing lives changed by the power of the Holy Spirit to know, and love, and follow Jesus in every area of life!

But we know that Jesus Follower is only the beginning. As we have moved through the 5 marks of a Jesus Follower (Love God, Love Others, Abide in Christ, Imitate His Life & Mission) we know there is so much more to explore together.

That is why we are excited about launching a new series of short-term groups in April.

Here is what you need to know:

* New short-term groups will launch on April 18 and run for approx. 6-8 weeks.

* You pick the group that works best for you based on day, time, meeting place, and study.

* Join a group even if you were not part of a Jesus Follower Life Group.

* This is a great opportunity to "try on" group life without making a long-term commitment just yet.