The Gratitude Experiment


The Gratitude Experiment is a month-long exercise in practicing gratitude on a daily basis. Where does gratitude come from? How is gratitude appropriately expressed? Practicing gratitude will change the way you view life and circumstance. It will alter the way you treat others. It will impact your activity in a positive and powerful way.


Week of Service | July 29 - August 5

On this week, our goal is to have everyone giving back in some way. We have lined up a number of opportunities to serve with various community organizations in Hanover, Ashland and Richmond at various times throughout the week.  Serve as a Life Group, as a family, with friends or with some people you don't know yet. 

Take a look. Pick an opportunity to serve. Sign up!

It's that easy!


As we get closer to that week, you will be receiving more information regarding the opportunity you signed up for. 

Join us as we live on mission in our community!

Do you have an idea for a service opportunity? Email