Winter Basketball 2020



  •    Oct 1, 2019 - Registration starts
  •    Jan 18, 2020 - Games start

The Finer Points of Compass Sports Basketball:

  • Boys & girls in K-8th grade for the 2019-20 school year are eligible
  • Practices are one night a week either on Mon, Tues or Thur for one hour
  • 8-game season | Jan - Mar, 2020
  • Financial Aid is available.  Click HERE for the Financial Aid form
  • K-1st grade division has 90-min practice/game on Sat | No week night practice
  • Games are played on Saturdays for 1 hour

Basketball Sizes & Basketball Goal Heights

  • Level 1: K-1st Grade | 8-ft basket | 27-inch ball
  • Level 2: 2nd-3rd Grade | 9-ft basket | 27-inch ball
  • Level 3: 4th-5th Grade | 10-ft basket, full court play | 28.5-inch ball
  • Level 4: 6th-8th Grade | 10-ft basket, full court play | Girls-28.5-inch ball | Boys-29.5-inch ball

Locations for Compass Sports Basketball in 2020

  • Cool Spring Baptist Church
  • Fairfield Presbyterian Church

Game Schedules

Basketball, soccer & flag football uses a flex schedule. A flex schedule creates a 4-week or 6-week schedule, reviews the results, and then builds the last 4-week or 2-week schedule. The purpose of the flex schedule is to work towards the core value of creating equal competition. By using a flex schedule system, we are able to have teams play each other the last 2-4 weeks of the season that share similar skill and records; therefore, avoiding a continuation of "blowout" games for particular teams.

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