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Jesus Follower | Jē-zəs ˈFä-lə-wər | verb

A Jesus follower loves God and loves others, by abiding in Christ, and through the Holy Spirit, imitates His life and His mission.

We want to start the new year by exploring this definition as a community, creating space for the Holy Spirit to shape us to live like a follower of Jesus in our everyday lives.

Beginning January 10, Cool Spring will engage in a church-wide campaign seeking to refocus on Jesus, the Gospel, and our community. Our goal is to see everyone at Cool Spring engaged virtually or in-person to know and follow Jesus.



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Next Steps

  • Don't miss the Jesus Follower sermon series that kicks off on Sunday, January 10 in all face2face and virtual gatherings.

  • Download the Jesus Follower guide and watch the weekly video.

  • Join a Life Group and begin going through the Jesus Follower guide together.

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