Training & Education

Jesus teaches in John 9 that the works of God are displayed in those with disabilities. Our heart is for everyone at Cool Spring to be knowledgeable and accepting of our growing special needs ministry. We do this by linking individuals and families with special needs to God, to each other, and to the church. Together we learn to value our differences as well as embrace God’s plan for all of His children. We desire to unite our church and our community as we live out our faith journey together.

What exactly does a volunteer in these ministries do?

It depends on the specific program you are involved in, but you will either be a one-to-one ‘buddy’ (assistant), or you will be involved in program planning and group activities. There are tons of great opportunities available; we are confident there is a place for you.

Do I need to have prior experience to be a volunteer?

Absolutely Not - We have qualified team members who will guide you through our training & education program. Everybody starts somewhere, and we would love for you to have a life-changing experience while volunteering with us.

What are the volunteer opportunities I can get involved in?

There are many different and exciting areas in need of volunteers. Some involve sports, some involve music, some involve Sunday morning and Wednesday night programs, and some involve young adults.

Check out the illustration below to see all of the programs we offer.

What does the term "special needs" mean to Cool Spring?

This describes an individual who may need extra help because of a medical, physical, or learning disability to access church events and programming. We believe that every individual, regardless of their ability level, should have access to the programs and community offered here at Cool Spring.


Can I volunteer in more than one area?

Yes – Many volunteers have loved working with the kids/young-adults and have grown so much through their experience that they can’t help but serve in multiple areas. Some opportunities are year-round, and some are seasonal, which makes volunteering for multiple programs very convenient.


How old do I have to be to volunteer?

You must be in 6th Grade and above to be a volunteer in the special needs ministry.

Friends for Life (young adult ministry) requires College Students and above.


When and where are the training sessions?

There will be several training sessions available to new volunteers throughout the year. All of the training sessions take place right here at Cool Spring and are led by our qualified team members.

The next training session is TBD.

Still have questions?

Sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what it is you’re signing up for, and that’s okay. We would love to answer any of your questions as you are considering volunteering with us. Feel free to send us a message with your questions or concerns; someone on our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

For more information or to ask a question regarding Special Needs opportunities with Bridge Builders, Friends for Life, VBS, SMAK, or Children's Choir, please contact us at

For more information or to ask a question regarding Special Needs opportunities with Challenger Sports (Basketball or Soccer), please contact Ashley White at

This is great, how do I sign up?

Signing up for training & education is super easy. Just click the button below to fill out our quick online form. After you submit the necessary information, a team member will get back to you promptly to confirm your training session appointment.



If you are a parent who is interested in learning more about some of the growing special needs programs we have here at Cool Spring, check out the Bridge Builders website or the Challenger Sports website for more information.

"A student is not above his teacher, but everyone who is fully trained will be like his teacher."  Luke 6:40