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Lessons From Generation Z

by David Moore on August 24, 2020

I have had numerous opportunities this summer to learn from a group that is becoming increasingly prominent in our society—Generation Z. I have had the honor of teaching these young people for several years. This summer, however, something interesting happened: they taught me some valuable lessons! Below are a few insights:

Invite positivity daily. Our TRIB3 apprentice Kelly taught me this one. She helped Derek and I throughout the summer, and, every time she came into the office, her positivity showed up with her. It did not matter what the circumstances were; she always had a positive outlook. Having a positive attitude does not mean that one negates the fact that tough times happen. However, it can help one navigate through those tough times. Having a positive attitude is also connected to contentment. It’s having a posture of gratefulness for all the blessings that God has sent our way.

Fishing can be just as rewarding as catching. One of my middle school students, Drew, helped me to see this one. We went fishing recently and both had the mentality that we were going to catch some treasure! Unfortunately, our fish friends hid from us and we were not successful in that endeavor. But the experience itself was extremely successful. We were able to have an in-person conversation for the first time in four months. The way we connected through conversation was more rewarding than any bass we could have caught. Sometimes your plan may not work out, but you might find that what happens is better than what you originally imagined.

Change can be surprisingly exciting! Lathan, a former student of mine, reminded me of this one. Our student ministry is undergoing a major change aesthetically. For a decade, we have embraced a logo that hundreds of students would instantly recognize. We recently made the decision to update the logo, so that it better represents where we believe God is leading this ministry. This was an incredibly difficult decision and one we did not take lightly. Tradition can be hard to say goodbye to, but this should not hinder us from taking chances and welcoming change. Lathan has since designed new concepts for our updated logo, and we are so excited for our community to see the new direction of TRIB3 Student Ministries.

Generation Z encompasses approximately 74 million Americans. Perhaps, you can also learn a thing or two from one of them!


David Moore

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