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Be That Person

by Greg English on June 03, 2020

I have recently been reading through the book of Luke. In this reading, it’s my desire to know Jesus. To know him in his actions, his heart, his words, and his purpose. I want to be able to see him engage others and what that engagement looks and feels like.

In Luke 4:42-44, I found several truths. It’s always fun to see how deep one or two verses can become as you ponder, read, and write them. I saw the following in these two verses:

  • Jesus departed from people
  • Jesus needed space
  • Jesus was sought after
  • Jesus knew the bigger vision
  • Jesus knew his purpose and why he was sent

As I thought about these, I put them in order of practical life. First, imagine being someone “sought after.” Being a person that people want to hear from or who lives or thinks in such a way that draws people to the Holy Spirit in us. Secondly, to be that person, it is important to have time away from others to listen, grow, and rest. Let’s just say it. People are exhausting, but people are in need. Create a space to refresh, listen, and prepare for being sought after to share the need. Finally, when we know our why, we can then seek to fulfill the bigger picture, not the short-sighted distractions in front of us. Jesus left the comfort of home for a journey that involved life changing stories and conflict. Why? Because he knew his why!

Be that person today, the person people seek for wisdom, because you’ve lived for and demonstrated something different. Have that place to regroup and energize your soul. Seek the big picture...people who need a Savior so that one day all nations will praise Him.

Greg English

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